Excel chart using pictures

May 20,16

As part of excel series, today we will learn how to create Excel chart using Pictures as shown below Following is the data Company Number of Users in Millions Facebook 125 Twitter 65 Linkedin 89 You Tube 136 Pinterest 48 Steps Using the data, create a normal bar chart. Select the first column, double click on it and choose …

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Value at Risk (VAR) with examples

May 19,16

As part of Risk management series, following article titled Value at Risk cover two scenarios of Risk Management Risk Measurement. Hedging the risk with changes made to portfolio Scenario 1 – Risk Measurement Given a vector of P/L, there can be various risk measures. a. Consider $1000 investment in SP500 for 01/01/2008 to 12/31/2008, calculate the following 3 risk measures respectively 1) …

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How to create Dynamic chart in Excel

May 15,16

There are two ways to create Dynamic chart in Excel Excel Tables Dynamic Named Range The simplest way to handle dynamic ranges of chart data is to convert the data into Excel Table as explained in following steps. Select the data and press Ctrl + T Excel will display the selected range, which you can change. If the table does …

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Creation of heatmaps in R

May 12,16

As part of R programming Language, the following post is titles “HeatMaps in R” In exploratory data analysis, we often need to visualize our data in different formats, in order to gain more understanding about the numbers and the relationship between the parameters. One such wonderful and informative representation is the ‘Heatmap’, which is basically a colored image, the …

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ACET Examination 2016 Restructuring: A Road to Diversity?

May 10,16

As part of Actuarial Science, this article Titled “ ACET Examination 2016 Restructuring” is written by Prakash Jain, an Aspiring Actuary The eventful day was marked the 7th of March, 2016, one of the biggest changes was orchestrated in the gateway to professional Actuarial exams: ACET (Actuarial Common Entrance Test). What was so dramatic? Its very syllabus was altered, …

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